About Me

Growing up with a single mother, well below the poverty line I’ve always been interested in why some people are successful and why others aren’t. While we didn’t live a life of financial success, my mom taught me important lessons like core values, using education as a tool to develop myself and being purposeful in attacking things I want in life by setting goals and creating action plans to reach them.

This passion led me to the financial services industry where I’ve spent 13 years working with some of the most successful people on the planet. Not only are these people financially successful, they are also CEO’s, CFO’s, Executives, Doctors, Attorneys, great parents, great spouses, philanthropists and very successful at life.

I’ve been a lifelong learner and passionate about acquiring knowledge that can empower me and those people in my life. I’ve read thousands of books, listened to countless hours of audio programs and attended live programs to develop myself in a professional that can reach the level of success I’ve always dreamed of.

Taking these lessons, ideas and attitudes, I’ve created systems and strategies that I believe will drive success for anyone. I’ve applied these strategies to my life to create more passion, fulfillment, purpose and triple my income in just over 5 years.

My goal is to take all the things I’ve learned from an insiders perspective working with the top business minds in the country and sharing them with you so that you can apply them to your professional life to reach the next level, whatever that looks like.

I believe that in order to be successful, you have to follow these steps:
1) Clearly define what success means to you
2) Set specific goals and an action plan to reach them
3) Develop what I call Success Psychology
4) Create Systems that consistently produce success
5) Develop yourself into a leader with a deep understanding of your strengths and putting yourself in a position to win
6) Understand what people want and how to help them get it

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to email me any questions you have at: mlbarratt@gmail.com


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