Two Simple Questions that will Unlock Unlimited Motivation

Working with multi-millionaires, you would think these people are the masters of planning.  Planning involves several elements that are critical to success.  Often times, these people cannot answer 2 simple questions that are the key to success, motivation, achievement and fulfillment.

The reason so many people fail to meet or exceed their goals is because those goals have no meaning to them.  It does not resonate with them.  They don’t tap into those deep inner emotions that drive every decision, behavior, action and habit that we have!

The biggest mistake most people make when setting a goal is asking the question how am I going to do this before they can answer these 2 questions:

  1. Why is important to me?
  2. How bad do I want it?
These 2 very powerful questions will not only help you reach goals, they will cause you to fight through every mental barrier you face and will have you so committed that you will run through a brick wall to accomplish them

If you can’t answer those 2 questions, then you will be spinning your wheels.

Most everyone wants to be healthy, fit, financially independent, a great career, meaningful relationships, great parents and happy.  Why is it that so many people struggle to reach those things?

The first question is the fuel for your goal.  Why is this goal important to me?  If you really want to make 6 figures, why is that important to you?  Is it something you’ve been told is successful?  Is something that sounds nice?  Odds are, those aren’t reasons that will compel you to get out of bed in the morning ready to take on the world and reach that goal.

You have to dig deeper!

If making 6 figures will provide the level of security your family needs and deserves.  That will fuel you!  If making 6 figures will give you the satisfaction of knowing you busted your butt to make it happen.  That will fuel you!  If making 6 figures will provide the lifestyle full of adventure, excitement and fun that you’ve always craved.  That will fuel you!

Think about your goals.  Why are they important?

Take time with this step.  Come up with several reasons.  The more reasons you have, the more you focus on those reasons, the more it will drive you through those tough times that have caused you to quit in the past.

The last question, how bad do I want it or how much am I willing to give up to get this is your level of commitment.

If you’ve identified what you want and why you want it, now you need to be able to answer how bad do you want it.  Are you willing to give up TV, pizza, going home at 4pm, drinking beer with the guys?  If not, then this goal isn’t that important to you and you haven’t successfully answered the 1st question.

After you answer the 1st question, you should be so fired up that you are willing to re-prioritize your life so that everything else becomes secondary.

Once you can successfully answer those 2 questions, the how am I going to accomplish this becomes easy.  Your brain, your creativity, your drive and inner purpose will compel you in a direction to reach your goals and reach a level of happiness and fulfillment you’ve always believed yourself capable of.

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2 Responses to Two Simple Questions that will Unlock Unlimited Motivation

  1. traceyjones says:

    Love this post Mike, if you want it bad enough you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. Very well written!

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