Three Steps For Success


With my first post of the year and a new direction, I thought I’d start out with a core strategy that I’ve implemented to build up a $330 million financial service practice.

I will do this as a 3 part series to give you time to digest the information and then go through the steps yourself.

The 3 stage system is simple: Dream.  Plan.  Execute.

Many of the clients I work with, are already extremely successful.  They are typically in their late 50’s, are high level executives and are leaders in their line of work.  They are CEO’s, CFO’s, Executives, Doctors, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs.

One key trait of highly successful people is that while they have already experienced a lot of success, is they are constantly reaching for new goals and challenges that gives them the personal and professional growth that leads to fulfillment.

Tony Robbins often talks about the key to optimal motivation being a function of creating emotional leverage that compels us to take action in a direction of our choosing.

The first step of this process centers around getting a client out of the logical world and into an emotional world, where they become a creator and tap into their purpose in life.


Step 1: Dream

Dreaming has many definitions but the one I like is to conceive or imagine.  The beginning of any success starts as an idea.

While you want it to be realistic, how do you know what is realistic?  Are you letting others define that or are you committed to testing and trying to see what is possible?

One of the clients I work with, who makes well over $2 million a year, came from humble, small town beginnings.  Early in his career he never would have dreamed of making that much money.  It wasn’t until he starting achieving success that his dreams started to change and lead him to the point he’s at now.

These dreams should evolve as your learn, grow and redefine what is real and what isn’t.

This step is something a lot of people want to skip but in my opinion is the most important. To create a vision of your future, to go from scarcity to a world of opportunities, to imagine yourself as the person you’ve always wanted to be, doing the things you wanted to do is empowering and motivating.


In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he talks about the acorn dreaming of growing into the 100 foot oak tree.  You wouldn’t know it as a seed but it continues to grow into something bigger.

Planning takes on a whole new meaning as you go through this step.  You can see it people’s eyes, hear it in their voices and see it in their actions as they commit to something big, often bigger than themselves.

While goals are important, it’s the dreams that get us out of bed in the morning attacking our life with a passion and zest that people often notice but seldom understand.

As I developed my Foundations coaching program, this is the very first step I take people through.  Whenever someone is questioning why they are working so hard, sacrificing and facing challenges head on, you only need to look at your dreams to acknowledge why you’re doing it.

If it doesn’t produce that type of response, you need to go back to the drawing board.

If you skip this vital step, you will easily give up as the challenges start getting more difficult.  I’ve seen brilliant people worth millions who are successful in other areas of their life fall into this same trap.

Your dream is the source of inspiration, motivation and purpose.  It is the most important thing you can do on your journey to success.



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2 Responses to Three Steps For Success

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Mike!!!
    Where have you been?! That’s a wicked first post for the year! I saw your email come in the other day and thought hmmmm Mike’s back, but I was so focused on my book launch I thought I’ll say hi later this week!

    Yes, I’m still here – not sure if you’ve seen my recent posts – but wanted you to know about my book launch next week Tues Feb 12th, because from what I know about you, my book is just what you’d love. So, if you’d like to know more about it – or even become a partner, so even more people can learn how to break free from conformity and live the life of their dreams – then that would be awesome. Heaps of bonus gifts for ordering on the day! You’ll see a little more on my website – latest post.
    Welcome back and hope life has been magical meanwhile!
    Janet : )

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