A Powerful and EASY way to Stay Focused on Your Goals

I stumbled upon this idea a few months ago after my work password expired and I was struggling to find a new password that didn’t match any of the previous 30 passwords.

We live in a world of internet security.  You have online bank accounts, brokerage accounts, emails, facebook, linkedin, wordpress, work passwords, passwords for programs and a myriad of other passwords.

By now you should be getting the idea, use your personal and professional goals for passwords.

I have to type in my work password 30-40 times a day.  What better way to stay focused on your goal than to have to think about it and type it that many times per day?

Disclaimer: None of these are my actual work password 

For example:

  • make250k
  • lose30lbs
  • run26.2
  • eat2000cal
  • bench400
  • train4tri
  • read20books

Even better, since most internet hackers don’t know your personal goals, only a few people would be able to guess assuming they knew you used them for passwords.

My last password was one of my health goals.  Typing that password when I had junk food cravings, before lunch or when I was feeling too tired to work out, reminded me what my goal was and got me to think how one of those decisions would impact that goal.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to A Powerful and EASY way to Stay Focused on Your Goals

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Mike! Great idea… I do something similar BUT I hadn’t thought of expanding it to other areas of my life too – let’s face it we all need help in finding new passwords – now we can look forward to creating a new one!

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