What’s Your Story?

We all have a story.  For some, that story is the story of success, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, being tough and one of pushing it to the limit.  For others, it’s one of being a victim, one of being dealt a bad hand, one of not being able to do anything right and life not being fair.

Odds are, if you read this blog, you are in the former.

Whatever your story is, you can change it at any time.  Are you the hero?  The champion of the people?  The person who overcame your struggles to lose weight?  Or are you the person who gave up and settled?

Your story needs to have several elements to it.  If you pay attention to movies, books and stories, you realize they all have several common elements that go something like this: hero or heroin is unsure of themselves but sets out to accomplish something.  Along the way, they face several challenges that force them to learn new things and acquire new skill sets.  They then face the final test, where they have to use the culmination of everything they learned to overcome a final test which gives them some kind of reward ranging from the princess, the pot of gold, saving the village or learning something valuable.

The first part of your story, has to begin and end with you.  What is your character? Successful businessman, mother, triathlete, husband, soldier or any other possible characters you want to be/play.

Secondly, what challenge, journey, test, accomplishment, adventure, quest do you want to do?  This is essentially what you want your story to be about.  In Star Wars, yes I’m a closet nerd, Luke Skywalker sets out to help a princess and stumbles across a jedi knight.  He then decides he wants to be a jedi and has to learn the force.

What skill sets will you need to acquire to accomplish this?  In the Star Wars example, Luke has to learn how to use the force without turning to the dark side.  If you want to be a successful in your career, what skill sets will you need?  Will you need to lead better?  To better organize?  To manage your time better?  To stay on task?

How will your story end aka what is your goal?  How will you define what success is?  If your goal is to make $250,000 in one year, that’s pretty easy to define.  That’s why it’s so important to be specific with your goals, so you know when you get there.

What villain/monster will you have to defeat?  Maybe it’s you.  Maybe it’s your self doubt.  Maybe it’s someone in your life that you are allowing you to hold you back from reaching your dreams.

By now, you should catch the drift.  You have to craft your own story.  This story will change over time as new challenges and goals arise.  Will you be the hero or the victim?  What role will you play?

You get to choose!

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