Putting Yourself in a Position to Win

An Olympic 100m sprinter spends 4 years of their life preparing for a 9-10 second window to win a gold medal.  Every thing they do, all of their hard work comes down to that tiny little window.  They are masters of putting themselves in an opportunity to win.

In our lives, our window for success aren’t as small as an Olympic sprinter but the lesson still applies.  Highly successful people spend a lot of their time preparing to win.

As an outsider, this person may appear “lucky” but truly successful people know that success comes by spending years working on yourself to be ready for the opportunity and to create those opportunities.

Will you have the confidence to start that business you think will work?

Will you risk embarrassing yourself in front of others by asking out the person of your dreams?

Will you have made the right connections to get your foot in the door for that big sales opportunity?

Every moment of your life, you are preparing yourself, for better or worse, for opportunities.  If you take shortcuts, don’t follow through, don’t have discipline in one area of your life, odds are it will flow to other areas of your life.

I should know!  My lack of discipline with healthy eating has not only stalled my weight loss efforts but I recently noticed it in appearing in my social and professional life.

What I realized is I need to attack every area of my life with the same passion, purpose, confidence and determination that I would for a big opportunity.

The reality is many of people are not ready for huge success, yet!  The key is to start building your small successes that will lead to greater successes.

One of my good friends and colleagues just finished his first race.  He went from not being able to run more than a quarter-mile and weighing over 360lbs to weighing 290lbs and running a 3.2 mile race.  He had a lot of small successes that are building into bigger ones!

As you evaluate yourself and where you want to go in life, think about the skills, traits, behaviors you need to develop or acquire to make that happen.  What things to you need to do to put yourself in a position to win?

If you’re not getting those opportunities now or you’re not executing on them, then odds are you need to spend more time putting yourself in a position to win.

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3 Responses to Putting Yourself in a Position to Win

  1. Janet says:

    Hey Mike, you’re echoing my current project. It is taking heaps of preparation and the best part is I’m having fun. Will clue you in when I know more. Great post, so true that we must prepare and put in the effort – even better when you know to ideally follow your passion – then it’s fun not work : -)
    Regarding weightloss, one of my favorite topics – I propose to you that element called sugar. I’ve always known it is a poison to the body – but only recently discovered how much weight it puts on. It also confuses one’s ability to determine real hunger, and then if that’s not enough it makes you want more. Oh yea and it’s in most processed foods. Hmmm. What have you discovered about sugar? I’m wanting to do a post on it actually.

    • Mike Barratt says:

      Thanks for stopping by Janet! You’re thoughts are always welcome and valuable.

      As far as sugar, I’ve really been focusing on cutting my intake down. I haven’t set a specified limit but am focusing on cutting down on my carb intake.

      When I do consume carbs, I want them to be complex carbs. I look forward to seeing your post on the topics!

  2. Jose LugoSantiago - Craft Your Journey! says:

    Mike, great thoughts. I’ve been out of the net for alittle bit, so I am catchining up. This post was a good one to start with. All of us want to be successful. But success takes time, and it is an effect. The effect and the outcome of preparation, skill, and opportunity. Better said, success happens when preparation meets opportunity! Thanks for the motivation. Hooah! 🙂

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