What’s the Morel of the Story?

Today I embarked on one of my favorite activities, morel mushroom hunting.  While I don’t like eating them, I enjoy being outdoors and the hunt for them.

They are a very rare mushroom that only comes out for a brief time period.  When they are in season, they blend in so well with the environment that you can spend 5 minutes looking at the same spot and still not see them.

Today’s hunt did not yield a mushroom but it did yield something unexpected, a great lesson.  How you define success will have a big impact on how your perceive your activity, your day, your week, your month, your year and your life.

If my trip to the forest was only defined by finding a morel mushroom, then it was a failure.  In reality, I got great exercise, I enjoyed spending time outdoors and it’s always a great way for me to connect with nature. 

My creative flow is at it’s best when I’m disconnected from technology and sometimes people in a self-reflective, meditative and centered state.

When you venture out in your endeavors, define what success is but balance that with an openness to find an unexpected positive result, a learning lesson or a different opportunity. 

As my old business coach used to say, any strength overused becomes a weakness.  Focus is a great trait.  In fact it is necessary to reach a high level of success.  But if you’re so focused that you lose site of everything else, it becomes a hindrance.

A microscope is a powerful tool that gives a glance into the smallest details of life.  If you approach life with a microscope like focus, you will miss out on perspective

Learn to harness your microscope like focus but balance that out with a bird’s eye view, giving you perspective of the world.

When you can focus on the details but maintain a strategic perspective, you are the path of success. 

You may stumble upon a morel mushroom or maybe you’ll just enjoy a great hike.

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2 Responses to What’s the Morel of the Story?

  1. Janet says:

    Funny just a few days ago, I was doing my regular walk in the forest on my property, sat down in the dappled sunlight and thought you know what I’m going to create my new coaching course here. Nature is such a different vibration and the contemplation always expands us. Great post, Mike!

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