Why the Win Now Mentality Doesn’t Work

Being a Dolphins fan, hasn’t been easy over the last decade. If you’re not familiar with the Miami Dolphins, they are professional football team who have taken the win now mentality for over a decade.

Instead of building a team that can sustain long-term success, they have had the win now mentality making several short-term decisions that directly and negatively impact their long-term success. These bad decisions have compounded into a really bad situation.

Many of their fans are demanding signs that they want to win now. The problem is so few know what it takes to build a winner. When you haven’t won for a while and your fan base loses confidence in you, you risk losing money.

This situation isn’t unique to humanity. You can replace the “win now” mentality with instant gratification or instant results.

There are products and services plastered all over our billboards, tv’s and radios making promises to win now:

  • there are products that claim to speed up your metabolism to help you burn calories
  • there are energy drinks that help you stay awake and help you avoid the crash
  • there are diets that will help you lose 10lbs in 10 days
  • there are surgeries that will make you happy
  • there are get rick quick schemes

Rarely do these short-term, instant success strategies work for anyone.

We are trained to look for results and often overlook the fundamental changes that are going on to be successful.

Furthermore, that isn’t what successful people do.

It’s not about losing weight, getting rich, owning a successful business or getting the girl. It’s about becoming the type of person that can accomplish those things.

Think about your goals and what type of person do you have to develop yourself into to achieve that goal.

I work with over 150 millionaires. To become a millionaire, you have to do one of two things: 1) provide a ton of value to a lot of people to enjoy a really high income or 2) you have to discipline yourself to live well within your means and save/invest prudently.

In both cases, they save and invest enough to accumulate millions of dollars.

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight, unless you win the powerball. There’s a reason why a majority of those people end up bankrupt after 5 years, they never acquired the skill set to be a millionaire in the first place.

It’s the same reason so many people who get their stomachs stapled end up fatter than before.

The quick fix doesn’t work.

Instead of focusing on the quick fix or instant results, start focusing on whether or not you’re acquiring the skills, mindsets and attitudes it takes to be the type of person that is a real estate mogul, a multi-millionaire, a tri-athlete, a great parent, a healthy person or just a happy person.

Ask yourself:

  • what would this person be like?
  • How would they think?
  • How do they approach life?
  • What actions must they take?

Then go find people who are already like that. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to talk about their own successes and share their stories. Buy them a cup of coffee or lunch. Ask them if they would be willing to mentor you.

The moral of the story is learn how to be your success story. Understand it takes time to develop into that person. Develop a plan to make it happen. Conduct market research. Take a lot of action!

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17 Responses to Why the Win Now Mentality Doesn’t Work

  1. Janet says:

    True, true and true! Attitude does determine your altitude – great post Mike. Are you on twitter? I’ll tweet this for you…

  2. Frank Ryan says:

    Great post. I read an article a few weeks ago that discussed a “scientific” study that proved you could lose weight by exercising 3 minutes per day. You didn’t even have to do it all at once, you could break it up into 30 second intervals. The article made me crazy. So many people are looking for the “silver bullet” that will make them rich or give them 6 pack abs. They waist their lives on get rich (or fit) quick schemes and never get anywhere. You are absolutely right; success in any endeavor takes hard work, discipline and dedication. The only problem is that those habits don’t make for an interesting infomercial!

  3. Great article sound like you know my past. I was prey to allot of the get rich quick stuff mainly because I was miserable work day in and day out for some one else watching them cash in on my success.
    I just started working out aagain after a long time hyatis after my car accident, this time I’m doing it for the long haul.

    • Mike Barratt says:


      I think we’ve all been there before. I remember buying a Don Lapre video in college and have tried some fad diets. The important thing is you realized you weren’t happy, made changes and learned from it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. mamaramseys says:

    Very inspirational post! I can’t agree with you more on finding and cultivating the right mentors in order to improve any area of your life whether it’s being more successful or happy. Yes we can always be distracted by temptation after watching these TV ads or infomercials on weight loss products, machines, or five-hour energy drinks, but what people fail to realize is the fact that “The real deal” is never advertised!! And that includes the hard work, dedication, and commitment needed to become proficient in a particular endeavor!

  5. Jose LugoSantiago - Craft Your Journey! says:

    Mike, how true this is! Quick fixes seldom work because anything that is worthwhile takes time to build. A quick fix lacks the foundational wholeness to sustain the test of time. This is like trying to build a castle in the sand: once the waves and winds come, the sand castle goes back to its elements. v/r lugo

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