5 Ways to Instantly Increase your Value

I’ve written A LOT about value on this site. It’s important to understand what it is, why people want it and how you can provide it.

Your ability to create and be the source of value will mean more job opportunities, higher income, more friends, better relationships and it will help you be a person that others seek out as a leader.

When most people think of value, they think of money. That is certainly one form of value. The actual money has no real value. It’s the things that money represents, buys and the emotions that are created from money that give it value.

The definitions of value range from importance, something that is desired or something that is of use to the possessor.

No matter how you define it, when you have it, people will seek it from you. The stronger source of value you are, the more people are drawn to you.

When you think of the people who provide a lot of value, it ranges across a broad spectrum of people.

  • Comedians make you laugh
  • Musicians take you back to a memory or provide meaning to emotion you have
  • Actors and Actresses entertain us
  • Writers share knowledge and stories with us
  • Artists inspire us
  • Parents give us love
  • Your boss or your clients give you money so you can travel, save for retirement, pay for your kids education

This should give you a rough idea of what value is. It is essentially an emotion. An experience that is valued. Something that is used to enhance your life.

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Increase your Value:

  1. Be a resource- Do you have one of those friends that’s good with computers, electronics or cars? Whenever you pc breaks down, they’re the first person you call. They provide value being a resource. Even if you don’t know what a mother board is, you have a skill set that others don’t possess. Figure out what it is and learn how to use that skill set to help others.
  2. Be a connector- the average person has 150 people in their social circle. In that social structure, you have resources, people with common goals and interests as well as people who may benefit from increasing their social circle. Learn how to connect those people. Think about who your friends are, what they do, what their interests are and how to connect them.
  3. Listen- We all want to be heard. Whether it’s celebrating a success, discussing a struggle, venting or just getting some thoughts out there, it’s great to have someone listen to us. Start lending out your ears to your friends and coworkers. Don’t just listen, be an active listener. Ask follow-up questions to what they are saying. It will show that you are not only trying to listen but you are trying to understand.
  4. Be positive- The world is full of negativity. We are attracted to positive people. Be a source of that positivity. Find the good in your world and help people find the good in theirs. We all have gifts, have been blessed and have successes. Being positive is a choice. It may take breaking some bad thinking habits but it can be done.
  5. Inspire- Inspire by leading by example. Be a role model, be a mentor, be a leader and be an example. Help others learn what is possible through planning, hard work, effort, action and perseverance. As you improve your life, you will inspire others to do the same.
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12 Responses to 5 Ways to Instantly Increase your Value

  1. Janet says:

    Hey Mike, love it – how many ‘wealthy’ people are unhappy. (what is wealth?) Money certainly gives opportunity, but fulfillment causes you to wake up each day enthusiastic! Great post 🙂

    • Mike Barratt says:

      You make a great point Janet! It’s important that you accumulate wealth the right way. If you do it by screwing over other people, dishonestly and abusing peoples trust, your internal value will go down. I work with a lot of millionaires and most of them are happy, not because of the money, but rather because they are good people, who did well for themselves by serving people in a moral way.

      • Janet says:

        Hi Mike, that’s interesting – perhaps one day you could do a post on what makes a millionaire truly happy… the more I get into my work the more I realize that many people need guidance to learn that if you do the right thing you will achieve what you want – with your integrity intact. Cya…

      • Mike Barratt says:

        That’s a great idea! I will put that on my to do list. Briefly, I think the same things makes all people happy: figuring out who you are, what your core values are, who you want to become, what your purpose in life is and then spending every day moving in that direction staying true to your values.

        Millionaires are driven by different things, sometimes its freedom, sometimes it’s control, sometimes its fear while others are doing it for status.

        What’s interesting is most millionaires come from middle class backgrounds and accumulate wealth by starting a business, living within their means and investing wisely.

        I’ve never been impressed my people with money. I’ve been impressed by the people they have to become to have money, when they do it the right way.

      • Janet says:

        Yeah, good points you make and I think what you’re saying is that humility is always very inspiring.

  2. KateHasToRun says:

    I absolutely love this. So well said. And so very true.

  3. TheDailyPOT says:

    Here’s how you become of value: have something others want and/or need. Whether it’s connections, material things, job title, zip code, money, beauty, etc etc. If you have something someone else wants or needs you have value. And you’re better off if it is something they want, because people are slaves to their wants and often ignore their needs.

  4. TheDailyPOT says:

    Also, by want/need I also mean personality & other intangibles.

  5. Sipra says:

    Very good points Mike. Really found it useful.

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