How to work out your Character Muscle

I like to think of your character like a muscle.  If you don’t spend time strengthening it, you will experience atrophy and increase your chance of injury.  In this case, injury means failing to live by your code.

After posting on a fellow bloggers website, this got me thinking.  How do you build you character muscle like you would build any other muscle?

Character is defined as the aggregate of traits that form an individual.  Like a muscle, some people have strong character and others have weak character.

When you go through the annals of history, our society has had examples of both.

For instance, you have people like:

They exemplify strong character.

For the people who had weak character, well they don’t deserve to have their pictures posted on my blog but I’m sure you can think of some.

One thing is for certain, the people with strong character lived by their own code, stayed true to their purpose, knew their core values and did so in an ethical and moral way.  The people who had weak character failed in many of those categories.

What differentiated the two?  Was it luck?  Where they born with it?  Or did they develop it?

I happen to believe that you can develop your character like strength training a muscle.

Much like you couldn’t go from bench pressing 400lbs if a week if you can only bench 200lbs today, you can’t develop strong character overnight.  It takes time.

Once you start developing your character, it gets easier and easier to do as you build momentum and confidence.

Here is your workout plan:

  1. What are your core values?  In other words, what is important to you and by what code do you want to live your life.  Write them down.  Look at them often.
  2. What is your purpose in life?  Does it serve the greater good or does it just serve you?
  3. Do your daily actions reinforce or betray your purpose and core values?  Experiencing frustration or disappointment in your life, it may be time to check your moral compass and map.
  4. Test Yourself.  What is it your afraid of?  What do you need to do that you’ve been putting off or don’t feel like doing?  Start doing it.
  5. Fail.  No the end goal isn’t to fail, it’s to succeed.  Start by realizing the greatest lessons, the greatest character building moments and sometimes the greatest ideas come out of failures
  6. Re-evaluate.  Constantly re-evaluate yourself.  The code you developed, the core values you identified, are they still relevant?  As you learn more about yourself through action, testing yourself and failing you will identify new ways and new perspectives that may change what your true core values and purpose are.

Consistently do this and you will develop strong character.

What are you going to do today to start strengthening your character?

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4 Responses to How to work out your Character Muscle

  1. AMAZING AND INSPIRING. Thank you!!!

  2. Jose LugoSantiago - Craft Your Journey! says:

    Mike, thanks for the post. Character development is deliberate. It does not happen by accident. What I mean is that one must work at it, as you mentioned (your analogy to a workout to build muscle size and strength). Aristotle used to state that one become our habits. An excellent person is an excellent person for the fact that this person practices excellent habits. (And the opposite is also true.) This all start with the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts create. In character building, I advice leaders to confront the truth about their reality, and then plunge through the trials and tribulations of doing what they know is right, even when this may not be the most popular thing to do. Then, character development happens. Just like the old saying, “No pressure, no diamonds.” Always motivated, lugo

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