What Will People Say About You When You Are Gone?

Stephen R Covey says to begin with the end in mind.  Well the end for us(for life as we know it), is death.  That is one of the few guarantees in life.

This topic isn’t mean to be morbid but rather to inspire you to think about how you want to be remembered.

There is still time to change the impact you have on your life, your family’s life and other people’s lives.

Do you want to be known as:

  • the person who gave up easily
  • who always played it safe
  • who doubted themselves and everyone else around them
  • the person who talked negatively about everyone
  • the person who had more excuses than answers


  • the person who learned how to lead and to serve others
  • the person that overcame personal hardships to accomplish
  • the person who was always willing to help someone in need
  • the person who ran successful businesses
  • the person who donated a lot of money to charity

Think about it!

Whatever path you’re on now, you can change it!

Be intentional with where you want your life to go.

By thinking about what people will say in your obituary or on your epitaph, it removes the things that aren’t as important in life, like material items.  It gets you to focus on the important stuff, who you are as a person.

Once you’ve identified the type of person you want to become and want to be remembered for, then it’s time to set some goals that will challenge you to become that person.

So many people miss the importance of setting goals.  Too many people think it’s all about reaching the goal.  That once you reach the goal you can be happy.

Successful people understand that happiness stems from moving towards becoming your best self.  They learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

The setbacks they learn to overcome along the way of reaching that goal is just as important in developing your best self as the final destination.

Living a life with purpose is living life.  Start with the end(the very end), set long term goals, set short term goals, create an action plan and figure out what you need to do today.

  • I want to be remembered as a guy who molded himself into a great leader and helped others reach their dreams. 
  • I want to be remembered as a generous man who is always willing to help those in need. 
  • I want to be remembered as the type of guy who challenged himself, faced his fears head on and stepped out my comfort zone. 
  • I want to be remembered as a lifelong learner, a passionate and loving man, a person who always loved a good laugh, a great conversation and inspired others.

How do you want to be remembered?

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12 Responses to What Will People Say About You When You Are Gone?

  1. wow, that is a wonderful post!

  2. Jose LugoSantiago says:

    Mike, thanks for the post. I heard one wise person said this was a good exercise. “Imagine yourself in the day of your last memory. What will people say? Who will say it?” Basically, just what you’ve presented to us. “How do you want to be remembered?” This is the beginning of living a life with purpose. And when you do, everything else we do in our lives makes sense. Thanks again for the inspiration! Sincerely, lugo

  3. Great points, “It is better to remembered for something than forgotten for nothing.”

  4. Thanks for posting this! This post is totally in line with what I have been dealing with lately and the direction my life is taking 🙂 Keep writing and being an inspiration!

  5. Mike, I love your blog! So uplifting and funny 🙂 Thanks for the words of wisdom.

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