The 7 Deadly Habits

No, they won’t kill you but they will kill your chances of reaching your goals and achieving a high level of success.

  1. Procrastination- Nothing kills momentum like procrastination.  Deep down, we all know we should be doing that thing we’ve been putting off forever.  When we procrastinate, no matter how small the action item is, it’s like a dark cloud looming over your head.  It’s a constant reminder that you’re not taking action and being lazy.  Stop it!  Take action now.

2.  TV- According to this study, americans watch approximately 150 hours of tv per month.

That’s 5 hours per day.

That’s 139,524 hours, 5,813 days, 193 months and 16 years of your life, watching TV!

That is scary!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.  If you cut your tv usage in half, you could master 7 skills over the course of your life. 

Imagine mastering golf, music, art, running, martial arts, cooking or any other skill out there.

What if you invested that time to have better relationships or more friends?

What if you used that time to grow your business?  How much more money would you make?

Even taking 1 hour a day and using that to exercise would generate tremendous health benefits.

Don’t spend your life becoming an expert in watching tv!

3.  Negativity- negativity is like an anchor that holds you back in life.  The more negative you are, the bigger your anchor, the harder it is to move forward and enjoy life.  Being negative or positive is a choice.  It’s a mindset and a perspective.  One empowers you, makes you happy, leads to more success and makes you feel great.  The other leads to bitterness, fear, anger, resentment and many other things you don’t want in your life.

4.  “The easy way”- Too many times in life, people take the easy way.  Sometimes that easy way saves time initially but it ends up costing you more in the long run.  There’s a difference between efficiency and cutting corners.  Do things right the first time and prevent headaches down the road.

5.  Taking things and people for granted-  The bottom line is we all want things we don’t have.  There’s nothing wrong with reaching for more and better.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what you have.  Spend every day being grateful for what you have.  Don’t take that loved one for granted.  Be grateful for them every day.  Being appreciated is contagious!

When you feel blessed versus robbed or neglected, you will feel happier and more confident.

6.  Running from your fears- We all have fears.  According to David Deida, the best definition of our true selves is our fears.  Figure out what your fears are and lean into them.  Diving into them leads to anxiety and stress.  Leaning in is stepping outside of your comfort zone to challenge yourself.  That’s where real growth occurs.  Test your fears.  Are they real or imagined?  Learning to operate in the face of or overcoming your fears will elad to greater confidence.

7.  Selfishness- After reading the Go Giver, I learned one powerful thing; the more I give, the more I receive.  I don’t give because I expect things in return.  I give because I love helping people.  It makes me feel good about myself.  The natural cycle of doing good things for people is for them to want to return the favor. 

It isn’t always a 1 for 1 tradeoff and it shouldn’t be.  As a leader, it’s your job to help others.  To enable people to reach for their dreams.  In the process your dreams will come true.

Start eliminating these habits today and you will be on the road to greater success!

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