What’s Your Top 5?

There’s just something powerful about lists.

They keep us focused.

They help us prioritize things.

They give us a sense of accomplishment as we cross things off of our list.

They give us a sense of momentum.

Everyday, I create a top 5 list of the most important things I can do at work and another list for personal things.

If you feel like your stuck in a rut, aren’t moving in the right direction or otherwise struggling, create a list.

It can be simple things. Even small tasks can shift your belief about where you’re heading.

If you’re struggling to find some momentum for your health make a list of 5 healthy things you can do today: drink 60oz of water, have 5 servings of fruit/vegetables, go for a 20 minute walk, do 20 situps, stretch for 5 minutes.

To achieve at a high level, you need to focus on the most important things. Too often we get caught up in motion instead of actions that have an impact.

Stephen R Covey talks about doing planning first things first in the 7 habits of highly effective people. The things you should do first should be based on importance and impact on meeting your goals.

Creating a top 5 list allows you to put thought into what you’re going to do ahead of time so when it comes down to taking action, all you have to do is focus on execution.

If you’ve got a BIG business meeting and you place something like organizing your drawer as a higher priority, you AREN’T putting yourself in the best situation for success.

Prioritize based on what needs to be done, what’s going to have the biggest impact on your day, week, month and year.

Here are mine for the day:


  1. Prep for my big 3pm meeting
  2. Spend 1 hour focusing on my top 25 clients
  3. Contact 14 clients today
  4. Finalize details for my Leap Year wine tasting
  5. Start working on my licensing exam


  1. Work Out
  2. Call 5 people about donating to Variety Club
  3. Call my 9 year old brother
  4. Stretch for 15 minutes
  5. Practice piano

What’s your top 5 for today?

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9 Responses to What’s Your Top 5?

  1. Awesome post, and great advice!

  2. mrsalexzan says:

    1. water water water
    2. eat more veggies
    3. double workout today
    4. be kind to myself
    5. yoga before bed

  3. momentum … another great word!

    Great post – crossing something off a list can be so cleansing!

  4. Riversurfer says:

    This is such an excellent idea, I certainly will try it out!

    I really love your blog, it is so full of goodies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and take care Mike!

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