F.A.S.T. Goals Part V- Time

Patience is a virtue.  -Chinese Proverb

So you’ve followed the steps outlined in FAST Goals.  You’ve done things to Focus.  You’ve implemented a good System.  Lastly, you’ve taken Action and created some momentum for yourself.

Now’s the most important part, time. 

You have to put the time in and give your plan time to unfold.

Like planting a seed, a well thought out goal gets planted into your life.  If it’s a new goal that’s drastically different than anything you’ve done, this seed will take time to get accustomed into your life.  More water and sunlight won’t necessarily make that plant grow faster.  You have to give it time.

Most people fail because they give up too easily, possibly right before they have a break through.

That’s what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  They do things that unsuccessful people don’t.  They follow their vision and goals even when people tell them they’re crazy or would have given up.

Much like a plant needs water and sunlight, your goal and plan need an investment of your time.

One of the best measures of your current priorities is where do you invest your time?

If you’re one of the average Americans who watches 19 hours a week(If you’re reading this blog, then odds are you aren’t), the time spent watching shows that your priorities are getting REALLY good at watching TV and probably being overweight.

Many of my coaching clients will typically use the excuse of I don’t have enough time.

Well, if you can’t find time to invest in your goals, your vision and your future, then are you really committed?

The first step is to do an inventory of where are you spending your time:

  • Sleep: 8 hours
  • Work: 8 hours
  • Commute: 1 hour
  • Family: 4 hours
  • TV: 2.7 hours

Where are the remaining 1.3 hours in your day going?

You then have to make concious decisions about where you want to spend that time.

If losing weight is a goal, you need to figure out where you can fit in 30-60 minutes of exercise.  Make it a family activity so that everyone enjoys the benefits of exercise without having to sacrifice time with them.

If that’s not possible, then you’re going to have move some things around or change your schedule.

I recently created a weekly schedule that details where and how I spend my time.  It’s structured enough for me to accomplish my goals while still allowing some flexibility for spontaneity.

Once you’ve created awareness around where you are spending your time, plan where you want to spend it, now it’s time to execute.

Give yourself time to accomplish your goals, invest your time wisely into your goals, stay focused, create a system to best help you accomplish your goals and take a lot of action. 

Your ability to do this, will determine your ability to meet your goals, ovecome the challenges you will face and develop your vision into a reality.

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