The Power of Positive Reframing

I remember when I stumbled upon this powerful secret of success.  I was sharing a beer with a guy who I had met through a friend of mine.  By all accounts, this guy was an extremely successful person. 

He runs triathlons, makes great money, owns a business and lives a lifestyle few dare to dream.

At the same time, he was going through a tough time in his life.  His marriage was on the rocks.  For many, this would be viewed negatively.  A failure.  Not for this man.  This was a test.  This was a learning lesson. 

It was then that it occured to me, every successful person I’ve worked with thinks this way. 

CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners, athletes, marathon runners, multi-millionaires, they all had the ability to turn negative things into a positive.

All of us will have good and bad things happen to us.  Generally speaking, it will be 50% good and 50% bad.   

Negative people spend more time focusing on the 50% bad.  Every negative event that happens to them reinforces why life sucks, why life isn’t fair, why they are doomed.  This is extremely disempowering! 

I believe that negativity is why most people fail.  It’s why they give up.  It clouds their vision.  It creates too many hurdles making things too difficult to overcome.  It’s like an anchor on the path of life creating drag on your momentum.

Someone with the power of positive reframing focuses on the positive and then turns  negative events into a positive.  This is empowering.  Everything adds to your own personal momentum.


Setbacks are inevitable on the path of success.   Going through challenging times in life is a chance to build character.  Plateaus help you try new things to figure out how to break through your success barriers.  Without challenges, success would be too easy and wouldn’t be appreciated.  It gives you the heart muscle you need to succeed.

Let’s look at this in play:

The elevator isn’t working.  Option 1- life sucks and just my luck.  Option 2- Now I can take the stairs and get more exercise.  This will burn more calories helping me reach my fitness goals.

A prospect decides to go with a competitor.  Option 1- I suck and can’t close deals.  Option 2- while I’m disappointed I know that hearing no is a part of sales. For every 5 no’s I get, I get one yes.  I’m closer to my yes. 

There’s a traffic jam on your way to work.  Option 1- I hate stupid drivers.  I’m so unlucky.  This always happens to me.  Option 2- I know that I don’t have control over events like these.  This gives me time to focus on what I need to do when I get to work or  spend time being grateful for all the great things in my life.  

Hopefully by now, you can see the difference. Learn this skill and you will find yourself in a better mood, more momentum on your side and you will only create win-win situations for yourself.

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6 Responses to The Power of Positive Reframing

  1. thewizdyme says:

    This is an excellent article. We should all be utilizing this split personality trick you described. What life coach Jenni Perdi calls the critic vs. the coach. Using your inner coach will help achieve positive results. Thank you for this information.

    • mlb1399 says:

      Thanks! The more I learn about success and human behavior the more I realize all we can control is our actions and perceptions. The most successful do both at a high level.

  2. It’s so true, view every situation in life as an opportunity!

  3. Good advice! Finding my positive attitude is one of my goals this year.

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