F.A.S.T. Goals Part II: Focus

As I mentioned in the first part, whether you accomplish your goals or not will come down to how well you execute the 4 areas of FAST GOALS: Focus, Action, System and Time.  Today the topic is Focus.

When an archer is shooting at a target, the moment before they release the arrow, ALL of their focus is on the bullseye.  How likely would they hit their target if they were looking at the sky?  That doesn’t make sense but yet we approach our goals in real life in that manner.

People start out with the best intentions when they set their goals.  Maybe they decide they want to get in shape as a new years resolution.  They go buy some work out clothes, new shoes and join the gym.  At first, they go in ever day and bust their butts in the gym.  After a few weeks, life starts happening and they lose focus.  

The distractions come from all directions.  Maybe they have a big project at work, start a new hobby, start dating someone or start grabbing drinks with the guys.  Whatever it is, they slowly start shifting their focus to other areas and eventually the goal of getting in shape fades away.  They are focusing on the sky isntead of the bullseye!

What we focus on, we bring into our lives.  If you are falling short of your goals, start paying attention to your focus.  What are you focusing on?  Is your head in the right place to focus on this goal right now?  If you’re working 80 hours a week, it may not be a good time to start a new business.

What is the best way to maintain focus?  Write down your goalsRe-visit those goals, daily or weekly to maintain the right focus.  Revisit the reason you set those goals in the first place.  Is it still important to accomplish that goal?  If not, then set new ones.  Visualize what it will feel like to accomplish it. 

What is he biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people?  Successful people create successful habits.  Creating a daily habit to focus will put you on the path of success.

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7 Responses to F.A.S.T. Goals Part II: Focus

  1. Jose LugoSantiago says:

    Thank you for this magnificent post. Focus, for example, is extremely important. I read a book about the power of concentrated effort, and in that book the author explains, “Focus: the sharper it is, the more effective you will be.” We can hit bulls-eye through a definite sharp view of the target–that’s focus. We have to know what we want. Then, resolve to attain it is all you need…you’ll get it! Always motivated, Jose LugoSantiago

    • mlb1399 says:

      Jose, Thanks for the great response. What was the title of the book you read? I have the Power of Focus on my list to read.

      • Jose LugoSantiago says:

        The book’d name is “21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader” by John Maxwell. Great book! Always motivated, Jose LugoSantiago

    • mlb1399 says:

      Thanks Jose! I ran across a link that summarized that book that last week and it definitely piqued my interest. I’m going to have buy it now.

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