The F. A. S. T. Way to Accomplish Goals


So it’s the end of the year and it’s a great time to reflect back on on 2011 and plan for 2012. Everyone is thinking about New Years resolutions. This year is going to be different. I’m going to lose that weight, start that business, reinvent my marriage, ask out that girl, start a new hobby. The list goes on and on. In most cases, these goals will be abandoned weeks after they are started. But why? These are worthy goals and make our lives more fulfilling.

The answer comes down to a formula I’ve developed over a decade of coaching and working with the most successful people in my area. These people are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, business owners, multi-millionaires, million dollar+ income earners, philanthropic, successfully married or have abundant dating lives. They are achieving in ALL areas of life. This formula absolutely determines whether a person will be successful or not. That formula is F. A. S. T.

F. A. S. T. is an acronym that stands for:

Focus + Action + System + Time = Success

Focus– your focus will determine your destiny. What we focus on we tend to bring into our lives. For many people, life’s distractions get in the way of their goals dooming them fall into old habits and get the same results.

Action– action is the great equalizer. Action can overcome talent because you put yourself in a position to win more often. Take too much action in the wrong direction and you will not reach your goal.

System– a system helps us execute the plan. You must create a system that gives you the best chance to reach your goals. Systems need to be re-evaluated and tweaked as you learn from your mistakes. Use trial and error like a mad scientist and you will discover the antidote for success.

Time– you have to give yourself enough time to accomplish your goals. Time = money. It is the most valuable thing you have and thus, the greatest investment. Pay careful attention to where you invest your time.

When a person falls short of their goals, it comes down to one or a combination of these components. Master anyone of these components and you have an edge over the average person who struggles with all areas. The people that have the most success, are truly elite execute at a high level in all those areas. If they can’t do it themselves, they tap into their network to help out.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be posting an article in each of these areas to help you better understand what they mean, how to implement them in your life and then how to execute them to achieve optimal success.

The first step is to do an objective evaluation of your life as it relates to F. A. S. T. and see what your strengths and weaknesses are. you will then be able to apply these principles to build on your current successes and break through in areas you’ve been stuck.

Stay tuned for more and let’s get F. A. S. T. in 2012!

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