Primary Focus for 2012: Health


By any definition, 2011 was a huge success for me. I experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth. I had the best year of my career professionally.  I dated more, traveled more and increased my personal relationships.  Overall, I’m feeling as happy and confident as I’ve ever been.

There was one area were I fell short, my health. Your health is your foundation. If you lose it or don’t maximize it, you lose the energy you need to sustain your purpose in life. I lost 10lbs and ate more fruits and vegetables but I know I’m capable of more.

My last blog post discussed the importance of establishing goals that are FAST. I executed FAST goals in other areas of my life but fell short with my health.

That will change this year. My goal is to lose 30lbs by June. That’s 5lbs a month which is very doable!

I’ve lost weight before but always fell into the same bad habits that had me overweight to begin with! It’s time to practice what I preach and make an impact in my health.

The plan:

Focus– lose 30lbs and get healthier. Cooking healthy meals and exercise take precedence over going out, socializing and my hobbies.

Actions– I will exercise 40 or more minutes 5 times per week. I will cook healthy meals for breakfast and dinner 6 times per week to limit my calorie consumption. My activities will include: martial arts, volleyball, running, spin class, hiking, weight lifting and elliptical machine.

System– this is were I have to really execute and has been a weakness for quite some time. My system will consist of going to work out right after work. I will get to bed before 11pm 5 days per week to get up early and cook a healthy breakfast. I will go to the grocery store on Sunday’s to get enough fruits and vegetables to consume 6 servings a day. I will also buy protein shakes to make sure I take in enough protein.

Time– I will give myself 6 months to accomplish this. I will exercise 200 minutes or more per week. If that’s not enough, I will add 10 minutes until I get on track. I will also commit 1 hour a day to cooking healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My reward for accomplishing this besides feeling better, looking better, living longer and increased confidence will be a trip to Vegas!

Stay tuned as I track my progress.

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2 Responses to Primary Focus for 2012: Health

  1. Sean says:

    “Cooking healthy meals and exercise take precedence over going out, socializing and my hobbies.”
    Nice… I love the notion of building prioritisation into your goals as often we normally allow too many goals to unrealistically sit alongside each other with equal priority. “take precedence over”… I feel a tweaking session with my goals list coming on 🙂 Thx for sharing. Have a very happy (and healthy!) Christmas

    • mlb1399 says:

      Thanks Sean! I’ve learned that if you pay attention to your actions and habits(what you do you when you don’t think about it), it says a lot about where your priorities are. Skip going to the gym to have beers with the guys, your priority is having fund and hanging with the guys. I always strive for balance but some areas need more focus to maintain that focus. I wish you a merry christmas and good luck with your goals!

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