The Danger Zone

If you’re like me, you hear the term “Danger Zone” and you think of the movie Top Gun. The term is from the theme song for that movie evoking pictures of of high flying F-14’s, Maverick, his wreckless behavior and his budding relationship with Kelly McGinness’s character, code name “Charlie.” But what is the danger zone?

The danger zone is pushing something to the limit, outside of your comfort zone, where true greatness is achieved. Naval Aviators, as Maverick explains to Charlie, are people who fly multi-million dollar machines that fly at supersonic speeds and are at times required to push themelves to the limit. Their training, knowledge and ability helps them to avoid disaster and lead to success.

I read an article that discussed the commonalities of success. The premise of that article is you have to do what failures don’t like to do, push out of your comfort zone. How many times in life do we stick with things because they are comfortable? Maybe it’s a relationship we know isn’t good for us. Maybe it’s sitting on the same elliptical machine every day for 30 minutes. Maybe it’s the “safe” job that pays the bills. I’ve been guilty!

The fact of the matter is we form patterns or behaviors over our lives which produces a result based on those behaviors. Successful people form habits or paterns that lead them to success. If you’re not getting the results you want, you have to challenge your status quo or shake things up to initiate real change. Your comfort zone has to be outside your comfort zone.

Some of the greatest growth is when you do that extra set at the gym, run one more lap, call that prospect you’ve been putting off for weeks, talk to the girl who makes your palms sweaty or take that business venture that could mean bankruptcy or independent wealth. That is when real (muscle/heart/stamina/confidence) is developed.

What will you do today to enter the danger zone?

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4 Responses to The Danger Zone

  1. Jason Kiesau says:

    Great post Mike. Looking forward to more!

  2. I like this, good stuff : ) I’m excited to read more!

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