Actions Speak Louder Than Results

We live in a results driven world.  Instant gratification.  We want it now.  This leads us to focus on the wrong things as we embark on a new endeavor.

Results are a byproduct of the actions that you take.  If you take enough of the right action, the results are inevitable.  The problem becomes when you first start out you can’t focus on the results.

If someone starts a new diet, people will ask, “how much weight have you lost?”  The question should be how often are you going to the gym?  What have you changed about your eating habits?  If you exercise and eat healthier, you will lose weight.

When someone starts a new business the first question almost always comes to how much money are you making.  Make no mistake about it, you start a business to make money.  The thing to keep in mind is that starting a business doesn’t mean you will generate profits or revenue right away.  The focus then should be on how are you communicating your message?  What is your vision?  What do you need to do today to make that vision a reality?  What connections do you need to make with people that can help your business grow?  If you communicate to the right people, clearly identify how you can help people and price your product or services competitively based on the value you provide, you will make money.

As you commit to change, focus on the only thing that really matters, your actions.  Actions are small investments into your goal that over time grow, compound and then are cashed in for results.  Understand that you may not get that instant gratification of results.  Instead, seek satisfaction in taking actions and trust that the plan you’ve designed will get you to your end goal and your intended result.

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2 Responses to Actions Speak Louder Than Results

  1. oldboymarc says:

    Thursday Feb. 16 2012 929 AM MDT

    Good day!

    My name is Marc Bratt and I am an instructor at Northern Lakes College in La Crete, Alberta.

    I would like to request permission to use the image

    Lighthouse in a Storm

    from the


    It is a marvelous picture and it would be a privilege to use.

    I will use the image in a PowerPoint presentation to teach the concept of symbolism..

    I will make no profit from the image and will use the image only once this semester.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    • Mike Barratt says:


      Thanks for stopping by. I’m very new to blogging and still learning the tricks of the trade. Part of my learning curve is that I need to source images I use off of google images. I’m sorry but that image isn’t mine. I hope to have all the images sourced by this weekend. If you have an email, I can forward the link of the site I got it from. Hopefully, they will give you permission as it sounds like you have a worthy cause and an interesting topic.



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